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I am who I am and that's all that I am. . .

This evening, after failing to get a date (I admit I didn't look too hard, having asked a total of two women and forgetting to ask another one), I went out to browse some bookshops and see the movie Elektra. I wasn't jumping up and down to see it, but it was at the dollar theatre and I had exact change, so it seemed like a good idea.

Elektra wasn't bad. Well, it wasn't good, either, but it was made better than it probably would have been by the 13 year old kid sitting next to me who spent the whole movie discussing the plot and asking questions to absolutely no one in particular.

Pretty much everything elicited a "sweet!" or "woah!" response from this kid, but the best was his response of "Uhhhhhhhhhhh. . ." to Jennifer Garner's underwater shots in her lingerie. I really need to sit next to him next time I'm at a movie. . . it was a riot!

But I'm not writing this to talk about the movie that was worth almost exactly the $1.50 I paid to see it. No, I'm writing to talk about one of the books I saw in one of the bookstores.

In Half Price Books, I came across this gem of a book: The New Book of Magical Names (ISBN: 0738703958)

I have to say that I have honestly never been more insulted by a book in my life. And for me to be insulted or to take offense at anything usually takes a lot. Well, she accomplished "a lot."

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This is an indignant Michael J Dangler, whose name is apparently unfit for a Neo-Pagan, signing off.
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