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Thoughts on ADF's mentorship

So I'm working on this mentorship program for ADF. Promised to have it done by Wellspring, even, to give myself a deadline. At the moment, I'm posting here kind of to think out loud about it.

Here's the gist of what I'm doing:

  1. Lots of people want individual attention. Some people want extra information to go along with the stuff provided in the Dedicant Handbook. A good number of our Dedicants want their mentors to set goals, give homework, and basically do more than just wait for questions.
  2. Some people just need a kick in the ass every so often. They want mentors who will occasionally send them an email that says, "Report on your progress now, and no one gets hurt." I call this the saffronhare School of Mentorship.
  3. Some people just want someone to ask questions to. This is what most of our mentors are now doing.

At the moment, though, we aren't really dealing with category 1. We're only dealing with categories 2 and 3.

In an effort to get more personal interaction, what I'm basically coming up with is a script of sorts that can be extemporized from. This script includes places to find further examples, more resources, and extra information.

The course will run 52 weeks, and at the moment, it's designed to be pretty much one email per week sent from the mentor to the student. Each week will involve a different topic, and some topics will be covered more than once over the 52 week time period (generally, things that require showing improvement or showing change over time will be repeated).

Here's a sampling of the order I'm doing this stuff in:

Week | Topic
  1. personal religion
  2. first oath
  3. first high day
  4. first high day recap
  5. nature awareness
  6. first book choice
  7. home shrine
  8. meditation
  9. second high day
  10. second high day recap
  11. two powers
  12. three kindred: ancestors
  13. wisdom
  14. home shrine
  15. third high day
  16. third high day recap
  17. piety
  18. personal religion
  19. Dedicant Oath (initial thoughts)
  20. vision
  21. fourth high day
  22. fourth high day recap
  23. nature awareness
  24. two powers
  25. courage
  26. second book

That's the first half of the year. There are still some holes in the schedule, and I'm trying to fill them in as I go. But in the end, I'm hoping that this might help form a kind of "Wheel of the Year Through the DP" kind of thing. Or something like that.

The resources listed so far (I'm only through week 19) include:

Week 5: Oak Leaves issue #24
Week 6: ADF Website, <> (A Recommended Reading List)
Week 7: Oak Leaves issue #28, Oak Leaves issue #26
Week 8: Oak Leaves issue #27
Week 11: Two Powers Audio file: <>; Ceisiwr Serith's A Book of Pagan Prayer (ISBN: 1578632552)
Week 17: Oak Leaves issue #29
Week 19: Michael J Dangler's Dedicant Oath, <>; Oak Leaves issue #27

I'm still unhappy that the OL's before #24 haven't been very useful to me here. It is, though, very nice to see that ADF's publications now seem to support the training better. Who knows: part of that might be that I'm helping to write a lot of it, but honestly, this started with someone else: the article from issue 24 that I'm using was written by tlachtga, so really, she started OL down this path, not me :) For that, I'd like to say "Thanks".
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