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As the pot of petunias said, "Oh, no, not again!"

I was hoping I'd never get another one of these. See, it's been a while, and I was thinking that five conversations with Eris would be more than enough, and it would fit nicely into the law of fives.

Now, I'm afraid I have 19 more before I hit 25. Best case scenario, it'll be 17 more for me to hit 23. But, that's what you get with a crazy lady with a golden apple.

Eris: Green?

PCtG: Oh? Eris?

Eris: You missed me that much? Already squeeing over my voice in your ear?

PCtG: Ha. In case you didn't notice, an eye-roll accompanied that "Oh Eris," as well as the questioning raise in my voice.

Eris: Green, you're always much more handsome when you lie and say you missed my sexy voice.

PCtG: Well, I did miss it. But it was more of a "Oh, shit, what did I do to piss her off now?" kind of miss.

Eris: You're a strange one, Green. I like that.

PCtG: Right back at ya, babe.

Eris: So, Green. What's up? What have you been doing with your time? Winning more souls for Chaos?

PCtG: I'm not going to do your dirty-work for you, Eris. You can win your own souls. But you know me. Writing, trying to help others learn, dealing with cash-flow issues. The usual. What about you?

Eris: Why, I'm busy putting beautiful women you can't have in your path. You think you're just lucky? This takes work!

PCtG: Yes, I've noticed. Thanks for that, by the way. There's a lot to be said for just making friends. Oh, hey! I do have a question.

Eris: What's that? Because I'm not telling you what colour underwear shizukagozen's wearing.

PCtG: I already know the answer to that one. No, what's up with the dreams? I'v ehad a crapload of them recently.

Eris: Well, you have been reading Necronomicons. Or is it Necronomici? Either way, you've been reading some fucked up shit.

PCtG: So Shubby and the Crawling Chaos are figments?

Eris: No, Figment is a dragon.

PCtG: You know what I mean.

Eris: I stand by that statement. They aren't figments.

PCtG: You're telling me this shit is RealTM?

Eris: I'm telling you that you made your reality, now go lie in it. Kinda like a bed, but less warm and comfortable, and a bit more eldritch.

PCtG: Shit.

Eris: Hey, it's your mind. You wanted to be the Chaote.

PCtG: I'll should just stick to meditating on the nature of sandwiches.

Eris: You should be careful with that, Green.

PCtG: What, afraid I'll discover the secret to life? That all your tomfoolery will be in vain?

Eris: Something like that.

PCtG: Always so cryptic, huh?

Eris: I'm the goddess of Chaos. What more do you expect?

PCtG: You have a point. I suppose expectation would just set me up for disappointment. Or a crazy ego-manical frenzy if I was right.

Eris: And we can't have that.

PCtG: You're damn right we can't have that.

Eris: Glad you agree with me, Green. Oh! Someone just came in. I have to run.

PCtG: Just came in? What do you mean?

Eris: To the bar, silly. Now drink up or you're going to have to pay for that margarita.

PCtG: Yes, ma'am!

Eris: Now that's what I like to hear! One last thing.

PCtG: Yes?

**Eris lays a kiss on PCtG. A hard kiss. Lingering.**

PCtG: . . .

Eris: [winking] Love you, Greeny!

PCtG: . . .

PCtG: Shit.
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