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Five Question Maddness!

From healing_coyote:

1. If you could be a superhero, what would you be/what powers would you have?

Heh, X-Ray vision or Invisibility for all the juvenile reasons. Or (better!), the ability to read minds! Yes! Then I could read the minds of women, which would be really, really cool, since I can't pick up on hints at all. :)

Why not all three? :)

2. What is your favorite film, and why? What do you think that film says about your personality?

Tough choice. I float between a couple. There's Dr. Strangelove, The Mouse that Roared, Sci-Fi's Dune, the Indiana Jones Trilogy, and I'm sure I'm forgetting some. I suppose it says that I'm really indecisive?

3. If you had the time/money, what new hobby would you pick up?

Firefighting, I think. It'd keep me in shape. :)

4. What are your thoughts on "soul-friends;" friends that are so close that they pick up on each other's thoughts/feelings (complete understanding)? Do you have any friends like this?

I certainly hope that some of my friends can't pick up on my thoughts. . . Might be embarassing. I've never managed to experience anything quite like that, though. I've been able to predict what a person would think, but I've never *sensed* it.

5. If the gods chose to save your life from disaster, but you had to live without one of your 6 senses (see, hear, smell, taste, touch, instinct), which would you choose to lose?

Well, instinct wouldn't be too bad to be without anymore, because I don't get in fights anymore. And I tend to take people as they are, not paying attention to gut feelings. I find that more fair.

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