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10 things, baby!

Ten things I've done, at the request of shizukagozen:

  1. Seen three UFO's: a "weather baloon", a "cigar", and a "moving-lights-in-weird-patterns". I still do not believe in UFO's.
  2. Been met at two airports in one year with boobies!
  3. Laughed at Cthulhu's tentacled face.
  4. Eaten the heart of a goose.
  5. Spent four days at Harvard and three days at the University of Richmond rubbing elbows with some of the biggest names in Celtic studies.
  6. Created and performed an entire liturgy based on the lyrics and songs of Jimmy Buffett. I managed to be totally serious while doing this.
  7. Had my two front teeth knocked out by the butt of a gun.
  8. Carried on an intelligent conversation with a cockroach
  9. Been unable to produce a tear due to emotion for over a decade and a half.
  10. Drove for 24 hours both ways to Key West, only to spend 6 hours on the Key. During this trip, I started drinking before noon, sat on the beach with a hot german journalist, ate a coconut directly off the palm tree for breakfast, went to Captain Tony's Saloon, and decided not to stay to watch sunset in Mallory Square.
  11. Edit: Oh, and I studied for two years under the greatest fencing master in the world. I forgot to put that on. :)
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