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Seven years is too short a time to spend with such a beautiful woman.

At one AM this morning, my relationship with Tina turned 7 years old. We met at the OSU fencing club one night. She was with another man, which cancelled out my interest in her. . . until two weeks later, when I walked into the dingiest coffee shop ever and found out that the other man wasn't her boyfriend.

Here's how I relate it on my webpage:
As I said, it was the Fencing Club that sealed my destiny in more ways than one. If it weren't for them, I'd never have met my current girlfriend, Tina. But it wasn't just the Club that helped seal that fate. It was also the PSA that helped here.

I was out with one of the PSA members after a meeting (oddly enough, she was also named Tina), and we were wandering down the street that everybody knows, High Street. I was high on something (nothing chemical, as my random drug tests show), and I was shouting at this group and that group, trying to get a reaction. We must have walked up and down High from North Campus to South four times, stopping every so often so that I could amaze people with the bag that God was in (long story), or so that I could fall to my knees and cry in pain and agony at the fact that the temperature was 4 degrees Celsius. What can I say, sometimes I get the feeling that I might just have an actor's spirit trapped in my heart somewhere. I just pray that he never gets out. Anyhoo, I managed to offend some guys who seem to have thought I was gay (which I assure you I am not) and started following me. I know that there are freaks who hang out in Insomnia (no offense), a coffee shop on High, and so I slipped inside, hoping that they wouldn't follow.

As soon as I stepped in, I was greeted with these two beautiful green eyes, which just happened to belong to a beautiful face, set upon a beautiful body (get the drift?) that I vaguely remembered. She remembered me, also, and so we sat down and started talking. It was from Fencing Club that I knew her (though I couldn't for the life of me remember her name), and once she realised this (and the crowd of homophobics dispersed), we ventured out into the night.

The two Tinas now were on either side of me, one on each arm (though I was admittedly paying more attention to the new one on my left), trying to sell me for a dollar. Fortunately, they failed. I like to think that it was their marketing skills, not my looks.

I didn't part with my new-found Tina until about 3 A.M. that morning, after giving her a new box of Altoids, sent her home. After that, things just kinda happened, and, as history majors like myself are so fond of saying, the rest is some biased historical account that has no relevance to why you're reading this.
I'd like to take a moment and give a special thanks to tlachtga for turning me onto the Organic Roses that should be arriving at Tina's office sometime in the next four hours.

It's been a long ride, but a good one. I wouldn't trade the last seven years for anything in this world or the next. Besides, if no one would buy me for a dollar back then, I imagine I'd have a very hard time finding a date now.
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