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Ten Scars

We all have scars. Here's a sampling of mine.

Scar 1 - atop my head, just left of center, two inches above my hairline. Received late one night when I went to get snacks while chatting with Adam Trimeloni over AIM.
Basement of Nosker House, 1999.

Scar 2 - under my chin, passing diagonally. Received when I was three or four, in the Monkey House at the Brookfield Zoo. Apparently, I was standing up on the rocks above the environment with my father holding me, and I slipped, cracking my chin on the faux-rock ledge.
Brookfield Zoo, 1982 or 1983.

Scar 3 - left knee, right knee, circular. Received at Atlantis Swim Club, probably around age 10. I skidded across the concrete poolside.
Owensboro, KY, 1989?

Scar 4 - right knee, line about 1.5" long. Caused by a biker at the National Boy Scout Jamboree. He ran into me and the bike chain bit into my leg, leaving oil and grease in the wound. The biker rode off without an "I'm sorry" or an "Are you okay?"
Fort A.P. Hill, Summer 1993

Scar 5 - Right eye, retna. Scar visible since at least age 10. Origin unknown.

Scar 6 - Right thumb, laceration 1/2 way through. Cause by use of Matt Sutherland's non-locking pocket knife and a lot of stupidity. I was cutting a chunk of cedar from a new fallen tree, and the knife closed next to the finger nail. It bled fiercely for a while.
Scout Camp, 1994?

Scar 7 - Back right shoulder, low but above the blade, rectangular in shape. Lump developed at age 20, forcibly removed age 23.
Columbus, OH, 2003

Scar 8 - Right forearm, left center on the underside of the arm. Crescent moon received from saffronhare in a dangerous tickle fight druing a gane of K.U.R.S.
Overland Park, Kansas, November 2004

Scar 9 - inner upper lip, right side, near gum line. Received at age 5 from a ggirl who seems to have accidnetally hit me. Erica Rule was throwing rocks at a construction site, and I caught one right in the face.
Kansas City, MO, Spring 1984?

Scar 10 - left wrist, right at the joint with the hand, below the thumb. Not always visible. Burn scar, received one night while cooking blackened chicken when we lived on Weber Rd. Second degree burns resulted from splattering some oil out of the skillet and onto my wrist.
Columbus, OH, Fall 2001
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