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Cafe Press (& other things)

Over the past few days, I've been playing with Café Press, having some fun and trying to get a shop set up, just for skittles.

At the most recent Grove business meeting, romandruid asked me what I'd sell when I mentioned it. I told her to guess, and she said, "What, thongs?"

Yep, you can now own your very own Chronarchy.Com thong.

It's been amusing getting the shop together. But what I'm most proud of is the clock I was able to create. It just goes so well with the name of my website, my LiveJournal, and everything else I've ever done online.

Click on the clock to visit the shop!

(Oh, and if I read the referral documentation right, 5% of the sales should support Three Cranes Grove, ADF!)

If you've been wondering about the fact that I'm not posting so often, it's because I've been busy. Extremely busy. Not so much as I was last month or the month before, but the past week has shown both my 7 year anniversary and Tina's birthday, so I've been too busy to do much of anything at all.

Also, because I don't get to spend much time at work on personal stuff, I've taken to using a paper journal Things go in there to get transferred either to my website or this LiveJournal. It's just going to take them longer to get there is all.

But fear not: I'm still reading my friends list, so (as some of you may notice) I'm commenting on entries and keeping up. sleepingwolf, your essay is on my desk, and it looks like at lunch I'll be finishing up that response. :)

And I had a weird funky dream the other night that I finally finished writing up. It's highly amusing and very indepth. tlachtga stars in it, with a supporting cast of many of my friends from ADF and Michael Moore.
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