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That dream I had on Sunday night. . .

Preface: I have no idea what I had to eat before bed on Sunday, but whatever it was caught me in one of those moments where I was just talking up ADF left and right. You've been warned.

On Sunday night, I had a dream. In it, I was interviewing Michael Moore. It was a tough interview, not because I didn't know what to ask, but because I had to try very hard not to ask the only question I really ever wanted to ask from that man: "Mr. Moore, when will you lay off the fast food and drop maybe one or two hundred pounds?" I felt sick, just looking at him.

But this was not a nightmare about Michael Moore.

I eventually asked him some question that made him very uncomfortable and he decided that, rather than answer or politely decline, he'd start to interview me instead.

In an effort to make me uncomfortable, he started questioning me about ADF, and in particular about what particular members were doing. It was great to watch him become very frustrated very quickly when I managed to smile and talk about the impressively great things our members are doing.

He asked first about shizukagozen, and I rattled off a long laundry list of great things she's done with ADF, the Eastern IE Kin, the LDG, Walking With Fire and especially Oak Leaves.

He then asked about romandruid and I spent an hour talking about how wonderful it is to work with her, and how much she's done with mentoring and the study programs.

He asked about chirael and I talked about the Wiki and the additions to the ADF website and the new login scheme.

He asked about smithingchick and I talked about her wonderful locket and the reallyt impressive look of the new GOH.

He asked about rhiannon76, and I talked about belly dace and the great things I've heard (and experienced) at Black Bear Protogrove, ADF. And, of course her wonderful treatment of a scruffy, long-haired little goober.

He asked about perlgirlju, and I said I'd be lost without her help and amazing scribal skills, her amazing donations to the Grove, and her willingness to let me bounce stuff off her. Anytime a stylus touches her palm, great things happen.

He asked about druidkirk, and I poined out his dedication to the Kindred, his travels to meet the solitary members of his region, his friendliness, and his constant smile and encouragement.

He asked about khep, and I talked about her comic genius, and her amazing ability to laugh and help others smile.

He asked about tanrinia, and I said that without her, it would be as if I didn't have arms and was trying to run a Grove anyway. Her ideas and planning are amazing, and her husband's help has also been simply amazing.

He asked about saffronhare, and I informed him that I was very happy to have gotten some chances to work with her, and that she had inspired a whole school of DP mentorship. I added that capriciouslass and triadruid were also doing excellent and that the Grove there was alive and well.

He asked about athanasios and I said, "But, he's not in ADF." "Aha!" Shouted Moore, "Obviously there was a problem." I thought for a while, and then replied, "Actually, I don't remember why he left," and Moore sorta deflated (not that he actually got smaller), as he apparently thought he had finally found something bad about ADF.

He asked about Ceisiwr Serith, and I reminded him of how great a person Cei is, how he'd bent over backwards to show hospitality in Boston, and how he selflessly furthers the research interests of ADF.

Finally, he asked about tlachtga. I smiled and said that she was doing quite well, and sked if he had seen her most recent article on triple goddesses in Oak Leaves. He had not, but asked me what else I knew about her. I pulled up a zipped file on my laptop and searched through that for a moment, pulling up her most recent article and read off the title (which I now forget). Still unimpressed, Moore asked me what else she was up to. In answer (and thinking that he's taken too much an interest in one of my friends for me to be comfortable), I opened the second file in the folder, a video file, and turned my laptop around to show him.

And there was tlachtga, rockin' out onstage in Europe to thousands of screaming fans. She was singing into the microphone some very popular song, belting out the tunes like nothin' else. There were people reaching out to touch her and screaming her name.

More looked rather unsure of himself, then stormed out because he couldn't get his way. I think he was pissed that I really am this proud of ADF and the people I know in it.

I snickered as he passed by, saying, "Thanks for the interview. You're exactly as I imagined!"
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