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Five Question Maddness!

From ocean_star:

1 - What is your favorite kind of "ethnic" food, and why?

American. Hey, it's an ethnicity! I really don't like rice. I despise Mexican cooking. French food comes with snotty waiters and weird cheese, and Italian isn't really Italian anymore (they stole it from China and France to start with, anyway).

Give me a cheeseburger, a pizza, or a good steak any day.

2 - Has anyone deeply affected your life, and he/she isn't aware of it? (excluding Jimmy :-)

Yeah, there are a couple. All of them women, surprisingly (or not, depending on how well you know me).

One made me understand myself better. She helped me define my own stance on a few issues: monogamy, trust, and friendship.

One taught me how to flirt, and where to draw the line.

One taught me never to trust a woman.

One taught me only to distrust certain women.

One solidified my idea that guys are just terrible people, and pretty damn useless.

One taught me not to walk down certain paths.

One reminded me that there's nothing wrong with falling in love occasionally.

3 - What excites you?

Flirting. It's fun, it's fast, and it's harmless.

4 - Do you ever want to be a father?

Very much, but I've come to terms with no kids. I have my cats. I'm set. Or so I keep telling myself.

5 - What would be a perfect day for you?

To wake up at the crack of dawn, the temperature at about 50 degrees in early spring. The day clear, the sky blue. Watch the sun rise over the mountains.

I'd walk all day. It would be nice to start the day in the mountains, walk out through the foothills, and down onto a beach. (If anyone knows where I can do that, let me know; 30 miles is about my day-hike ability.) Let's assume that I can do that.

I'd end the day on a quiet beach. Not something private, with just me, but something without a road nearby, without kids, without loads of people. I need to be able to look at the occasional hottie, but I don't want sensory overload. There would also be a bar (something like Captain Tony's in Key West) nearby where I could order chic drinks (Margaritas, Rum-Runners, etc.).

I'd watch the sun set over the waves, drinking a mango margarita, watching the hotties and listening to the waves hit the shore. I'd fall asleep in my hammock, slung between two palm trees.

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