July 10th, 2003


Hangin' out

So I'm sitting here at work. Yay. These might just be very common entries.

I've been thinking about Eris and Her Apple recently.

Sometimes, we're privileged to see something beyond our own experience. Discordians call this "Illumination", and it is the bread and butter of Discordianism.

The myth of the Apple of Discord in the Illiad is understood by Discordians in a rather esoteric manner. The Apple does not attract attention merely because it is inscribed "Kallisti" ("For the Prettiest"), but also because it is a sort of manifest picture of the desires of the person who gazes into it. Athena, Aphrodite, and Hera were not fighting over the Apple, but they were fighting over what they thought the Apple offered.

Athena likely saw military victory within the apple, while Hera saw the raw power that wealth can buy over her husband and the other gods. Aphrodite likely saw the perfection of her sexuality and the power that gave her over all things. We can see that the deities offered to grant each of these things to Paris if he chose in their favour.

The choice to give the Apple to Aphrodite shows that Paris' desires were in line with hers, and he was able to achieve the desire promised by the Apple. That Apple is not some illusory dream, nor is it a certain future: it is the embodiment of our desire, and it can teach us much about ourselves.

When Eris presents us with the Apple, as She does for us all from time to time, what do we see? In it, we always see our most basic desires, the things we want most. We often don't understand the reflection in the Apple: it's a new, strangely familiar reflection of what we are now. Those who want power may see themselves standing at the top of a dais, looking down upon numerous vassals. Those who seek the simple life may see themselves alone in a library, reading Shakespeare. Each person will see something unique and perfect.

More later, seriously.
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Okay, so I have a second entry

Thought I'd share the workshops and rituals I'm doing at Summerland this year:

Parrothead Paganism:

Even though we, as Druids, practice our religion in a manner that has been called "historical", "highly ritualized", and sometimes "strict, stilted, and not very celebratory", we are still affected by pop culture and new ideas in our personal practice, many of us taking a decidedly post-modern approach to our spiritual identities. Though we are based in the past for our precedent, we look around ourselves to make things relevant. This ritual takes the ADF Standard Liturgy and turns the words of Jimmy Buffett into a creative experiment, designed to show just how adaptable the Standard Liturgy really is, and how it can be applied to our own personal, modern and post-modern Druidism and spirituality. Bring chairs or a towel to sit on, because we'll be basking in the presence of the Gods rather than standing. Appropriate ritual attire includes sandals, grass skirts, and Hawaiian shirts, or perhaps a floral print robe (if you didn't bring anything like that, whatever you come in will be accepted, including long white robes). If you drink, we can promise you'll be drunk by the end of it; alternative virgin drinks will be available to those who either cannot/do not drink or are in recovery. Instead of the usual sacrifices held to the Powers and the Patrons, we will include our opening round of the Bardic Circle for the evening, where each person will have the chance to share one song, story, poem, or other bardic/artistic sacrifice to whichever Power they wish, and more can be shared after the first round of offerings as we receive the blessings of the Gods. If you're late for the ritual, the Bardic Circle portion will begin at [insert time], and you can feel free to just come for that. So, bring your instruments, your voice, and your inspiration. We will be sailing from the Port of Indecision for calmer waters for the night.


Tired of store-bought runes that break when you jingle them? Fed up with not feeling in contact with the set that you bought at the second hand shop, or are you missing Hagalaz and Fe? We'll be starting on our own Rune set (though time will not allow us to fully finish, we'll try to get through the first Aett so everyone has a good grasp of how to do these things). We'll discuss materials, methods for carving, and proper sacrifices for the work. The class will also include some history on the Runes, as well as a bit of discussion on their use.
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