August 8th, 2003


Icons and such

What is it with you people and vampire icons? Nearly everyone I cross paths with here at LJ has a vampire icon of some sort.

Never understood the "romance" or "eroticism" of vampires. Weird :)
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In a perfect world, women would be given 2x4's at birth, and would be required to carry them at all times.

They would then use these 2x4's on men. A quick, hard hit to the back of the head.

Then, perhaps, men would get it when a woman was interested.

But we don't live in a perfect world, so men are just destined to fumble about, never realizing that women are interested.

Of course, if they all had 2x4's, that would probably still not be enough. Maybe railroad ties would be better?
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Call to action!

Ladies and gentlemen! I have important news!

My own personal Goddess (you know, the loony one) has Her own movie. Yes, Her very own movie.

Well, the Babe Whose Name Is Chaos needs our help. (How did I miss this before!?)

The movie has been placed in a position to be scrapped. This cannot happen.

Info can be found here:

23ae's article
SFX article
Mirimax's official site (mirrored, since it's no longer up)
a bit of marketing
download of the trailer
The online petition to get it back

Help Our Lady of Discord!

Let everyone you know that we *MUST* have this movie!
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