August 19th, 2003


Who's gonna steal the Peanut Butter? I got the can of sardines. . .

"I'm in love with a fast movin' angel
Who dresses like the city girls do.
When we're apart there's no ache in my heart
When we're together we're a hell of a crew."

I'm a bit tired :) Had 4 hours of sleep, so I'm not totally sure what's actually happening.

I spent yesterday trying to come up with names and situations. I was trying to remember all the girls I've kissed (and been kissed by). It came to ten, which is a pretty low number, I think. Once I've figured the damn thing out, you guys might get lucky and I might post it here, but you'll probably have to go to my website, because I prefer to send people there (it's actually already uploaded in its current state, but it isn't linked, so you have to be creative to find it). Some people might be more surprised at who is missing than who is actually there.
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    "Death of an Unpopular Poet", -JB

I dream . . .

I had a strange dream one night. There was a desert, with sands blowing everywhere. Along the horizon, palm trees grew, and they swayed in the breeze.

In the middle of my vision, there stood a pyramid. It floated above the shimmering sands, sliding gracefully forward through the hot air. Beneath it were hundreds of slaves, trudging through the heat of the day.

These slaves didn't bear the weight of the pyramid, however. Above them was a beautiful system of pulleys and ropes hung around the structure to keep the weight off the slaves' backs.

The pulley system was truly strange: just above the pyramid a sphynx through which the pulley ropes ran. It floated in the air through no visible means of support. Above the sphynx, a large, opaque cube turned slowly. Inside, I knew, was the pully system. It was beautifully constructed.

You can see my drawing of the system here. I have no idea what it means, and I'm not sure I care. But it is fun to look at.
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    "Jimmy Dreams", -JB