August 20th, 2003


Runnin' down the aisles of the Mini-Mart, stickin' food in my jeans

So I come into work this morning, and I see a wonderful idea sitting in my email. kallisti mentioned the idea of having an Erisian Kin in ADF on the adf board.

Woah, woah, back up, right?

Okay: a Kin is a new grouping in ADF that allows people to more fully express their spirituality within ADF itself. The current structure of the Kin gives them a bit of power within ADF(close to the power a Guild has). There's some argument about it here and there, but I like the idea myself. Of course, before the idea of an Erisian Kin, I was totally disinterested in it. :)

We need 7 members to become a "real" Kin. kallisti and I make two, so we need (imagine this) 5 more members.

Now, I have no idea what's required for a Kin beyond the 7 member basic. So I have to find out.

I've always though ADF needed a little bit of Eris. . .
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