August 25th, 2003


The Archdruid is out for Vengance! :)

How many people can say that they danced with an Archdruid?

Summerland was a blast. The Buffett ritual went so well, I was shocked at the reaction. I have a lot of work to do before I can do it again, but the Deities demanded it in the omen.

Apparently, the entire thing was rather looked down upon at first, but we had a lot of curiosity seekers hanging around. By the end of it, I think everyone had fun, and there were plenty of boat drinks for everyone. ADF isn't as straight-laced as I thought. :)

I'll be doing a full recap in the very near future, so expect that shortly.

I spent all night on Saturday dancing, after holding an impromptu Sumbel and drinking nearly an entire quart of mead by myself in the space of an hour. Skip (ADF's Archdruid) wasn't dancing, so I asked him to dance (well, I didn't want him feeling left out). He told me that the Archdruid didn't dance, and was really unresponsive to coming out to dance. So I acted like I gave up, but really I formulated a plan: What can the Archdruid not do? Stand up to a committee! :)

So I went back out, grabbed about 10 people who were also dancing, and we went over as a committee and overruled his decision.

Well, he had fun, damn it. And he's sworn he's going to get me back. . .

Oh, and the Rune workshop went well, too, though I was really hoping to get through the first aett, and we didn't.

Damnit, if you didn't go to Summerland, you should have been there!

-M out.
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