August 27th, 2003


Three Cranes Grove, ADF, Approved!

~~ On August 12, 2003
a Request for Provisional Charter from
Three Cranes Grove, ADF
in Columbus, OH
was submitted to the
ADF Grove Organizing Committee.

After carefully reviewing the application
in accordance with our current policies,
we are pleased to announce that

~ Three Cranes Grove, ADF ~

is hereby officially recognized
as a Provisionally Chartered Grove of
Ar nDraiocht Fein, A Druid Fellowship.

I request that the following information be added
to the current list of official ADF Groves in OAK LEAVES
and on the ADF Website:

Grove Name: Three Cranes Grove, ADF
SD Name: Michael J Dangler < >
Grove Address: PO Box 3264, Columbus, OH 43224
State(s) Grove is local to: OH
Phone number for contacting Grove: (614) 263-7838
E-mail address for contacting Grove:
Web site for Grove:
Culture(s) the Grove works with: Continental Celtic (Gaulish)
Date of Provisional Charter: August 26, 2003

On behalf of the ADF Grove Organizing Committee:

Congratulations and Bright Blessings,
Rev. Todd Covert
GOC Chair
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"My love is garanteed / You're never gonna see the end of me!"

Willpower is:

Driving past two Dairy Queens two times per day and never stopping for a bite.

So, apparently, the most interesting things about my Summerland experience have been the fact that I wore a towel to breakfast, fell on my ass while dancing, and danced shirtless around a fire.


Anyway, I think that Sonoran Sunrise Grove's logo (seen in this journal entry) is pretty damn cool. So I included it here. Oh, and you should look at their circle! It's beautiful!
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Lateness. . .

Damn, it's late for me. 9 PM is occasionally my bedtime. But I've been doing so well today I didn't want to go home yet.

I have new Grove fliers to match our spiffy new name, I have new pamphlets to match the same, and I'm flying on about 5 doughnuts from this morning and some canned mangos.

"Coffee's strong at the Cafe du Monde
Doughnuts are too hot to touch
Just like a fool, when those sweet goodies cool
I eat till I eat way too much
Cuz I'm livin on things that excite me
Be they pastries, lobster or love!"

Sometimes I look back at the Grove's humble beginning (i.e. me, a dream, and the email addresses of two ADF members). How'd I get here? How did we?

Well, at Summerland, we had a quick, impromptu Sumbel. Part of that is to boast. Damnit, I boasted about my Grove. I claimed it was the best damned Grove in ADF.

Gods damnit, I'm right.

I have the best people. I have hard working officers. And I'll be damned if we don't get along pretty well. There's no way I could have done this without them.

So, to my Grove, thanks for getting us here. I'll see this Grove through a Full Charter before I leave, I think.

I have some Pagan shops to visit on Friday. About 5 of 'em.

I'll be taking some Elysium fliers with me, too. After all, if Pandora didn't want me papering the damn town, she wouldn't have given me one, right?

We had a girl from Rosemont, IL contact us yesterday who wanted us to mail (not e-mail) info. . . That was a new one. I sent her a PSA flier, an Elysium flier, and a Three Cranes flier. I wish I'd had more to send her. But it got me thinking about getting a mailing list together and mailing hard copy newsletters out.
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