September 2nd, 2003


Good weekend

Well, so I'm back from a long weekend of not doing much at all.

I don't know what it is, but the word "Grove" seems to bring people out of the woodwork, rather than "Protogrove". I was talking to Psyche at Fly-By-Night the other day, and she said someone was looking for an ADF Grove, and she pointed to our flier. Apparently, he looked at it and said, "Humph, they're just a PROTOGROVE!"

Well, now we're a Grove, and we've advertised that fact pretty well, I think.

I didn't do the By Laws, so I have to do those tonight.

I didn't practice the breathing exercises Meredith posted for me, so I have to do that tonight.

I have to get back to *lots* of people via e-mail. Sorry if my responses are a bit short. :)

I did most of the Grove Organizers Handbook stuff I was assigned, so I hope to finish that today, and get it posted to ADF-SD. I've gotten some really good feedback from some Grove Organizers, and I think I'll post the outline I did for discussion and request some new ideas.

A lot of GO's are tired with the current status of the GOH. I understand partially why it's taken so long, but really, it's been 10 years since it's been published. athanasios mentioned that he's looking to get it out by Q1 of 2004, and hopefully I'll be able to help with that, since the material hasn't really been updated recently.

I just think it's a resouce that has to be available to our GO's, especially if the GO is isolated. I was lucky: I had 6th Night to lean on, and GROTTO and Triskele/Ancient Path were there when I needed fresh ideas, too. Since I attended festivals and loads of other things, I was able to actually talk to the people who are "higher on the food chain" in ADF than I am. I also made it a point to volunteer for several things (I'm now working with ADF's Web Team, I received all the files for Clergy Training to convert files, and I've talked with many of the people who run ADF on a day to day basis).

For a GO who's just starting out, I have to wonder what kind of support they really have. A new PG just opened up in Alabama. I really hope they can last, but AL is a long way from the large concentrations of ADF members in the NE, Ohio, and the far southwest. And it's not really a happy place for many Pagans.

That's why I think the GO Handbook is so important. Hell, I could still use it: it isn't like I passed some magical threshold when I became an SD last week. That's like saying a couple who gets married won't ever fight again.

Sharon and I had a long chat over IM last week. I told her I'd send her a copy of the GOH in its current, outdated form. Another thing I have to do for tomorrow, I suppose.

Here's the key to getting shit done in ADF: offer to do something in particular, because someone *will* take you up on it. If you bitch, moan, and complain, that *might* prompt someone to do something. But if you show a bit of enthusiasm, take some initiative, etc., then people won't ignore your request.

So, time for me to get back to work, because I have a few more things to add to that outline of what should be in the GOH.

Weird: just had one person subscribe and then immediately unsubscribe from the Three Cranes Announce list. Ugh. Well, back to work, honest.
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One of my favourite government logos should be seen by all.

At right you should see the old Information Awareness Office seal. The office was part of DARPA. You can see the handsome Latin phrase: "Scientia Est Potentia" hanging out below the eye in the pyramid.

Note the 13 steps of the pyramid. Note the all-encompassing stare. Yes, Robert Anton Wilson was right. . .

They withdrew this particular logo very, very quickly.

What a hell of a time to be thinking about heaven.

Heh, there's my daily conspiracy thought.

Catch ya'll in a bit. Back to work.

Stupid customers :)
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Flowers . . .

I was looking at the ADF site, and trying to figure out the closest Grove to NYC for healing_coyote (Monika). Then I started thinking that we (PSA) should get Monika flowers for her new apartment (something to set off the roaches nicely).

So I sent an IM to Meghan (vampyrecandy) and asked her what she thought of the idea. Well, we put our heads together and started looking at They were freaking expensive (I didn't have $70 to spend on flowers for you, Monika, sorry)!

Well, in the course of looking at these expensive flowers, I thought about ordering Tina some too, which led to me thinking about the kinds of flowers that Tina likes: orchids.

Now, I know that I can get orchids much cheaper than I can get a handfull of dandelions from FTD, so I hit up Tina's favourite supplier, Andy's Orchids. I browsed around for a while, and then realised that if I were smart, I'd buy Monika one there, too.

Well, after talking over IM to Meghan about several different species, and trying to find one that Monika would like, we settled on a very beautiful one: a Phalaenopsis. Bought it and asked them to require a signature.

I ended up purchasing a really cool one for Tina, because I know she likes orchids with personality, and you have to admit that he has lots!

I couldn't contain myself after ordering an orchid for Tina, and I told her immediately. She loved the idea, and asked why I had bought her an orchid, and I told her that the impetus for the idea came when Meghan and I were looking for flowers for a housewarming gift for Monika.

Well, later that week, I got a call from Harry, who helps run Andy's Orchids. He wanted to know about the shipping, and if someone would be there to pick it up. I said I didn't know, and he offered to call Monika and find out. I said "cool" and so I relaxed.

The kicker, though, is the message he left on my answering machine. It went a little like this: "This is a message for Michael, regarding the orchid you ordered for Monika. . ."

Well, I was fortunate to have told Tina prior that I had ordered her and Monika flowers on the same day, otherwise she might have been a little mad at me when she heard that I ordered Monika flowers, but not her, especially after the conversations we've had about how hot I think Monika is. :)

I'd have been so dead. :)

Well, the next night, Andy himself called me. He was concerned about the well-being of the orchid we'd ordered for Monika. I told him that this would probably be Monika's first orchid, and mentioned that it would be in an apartment in New York. He told me flat out that we'd made a bad choice (well, he actually told me that *I* made a bad choice), and that the orchid we chose would require an "orchidarium" to grow properly. He gave me some options and asked me to look at them.

The next night, I called him after having looked at orchids, and told him I'd settled on one. It was an Encyclia, a very pretty orchid. I think I actually like it better.

Well, he charged me another $6 (no biggie), and said he'd send it out.

So I get this message from Monika the next day asking what I'd sent via FedEx. She guessed about it a bit, and I wouldn't tell her, but I did admit that it was "alive" and that she needed to pick it up soon. I think that might have freaked her out.

But, in the end, I think she liked it, after walking 3 miles to pick it up because she thought it might be a bomb from California. :)

The next day, Tina's arrived here, and she opened it up and hung it up immediately, and then she noticed that it was addressed a bit wrong: it was addressed to "Christina Dangler". She wanted to know two things: 1) was that a message of some sort, and 2) did Monika's show up addressed to "Monika Dangler"? She thought that Andy might be playing a trick on me, since I did order two orchids for two different women. . .

Thus ended my orchid-buying adventure. :)
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