September 10th, 2003


Five questions:

So, because not everyone here has gotten their licks in:

There's this little game out there called Five Question Maddness. It goes through different incarnations, here and there, but I like my version.

Anyway, it's very simple: You ask me 5 questions. I answer said questions. Then I get to ask you 5 questions.

You can catch some examples on my webpage.

I'll post my answers on my webpage, and also on my LJ. If you've already asked questions, you can ask 5 more.

The only things I can't answer are things that I have a prior commitment to confidentiality. There are very few things that fit this bill.

Dammit, ask!
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Five Question Madness!

From mlleelizabeth:

1. If you could spend the rest of your life in only one place you considered perfectly suited to your needs or spend the rest of your life traveling anywhere you want in the world, but never have a permanent home, which would you choose, and why?

Well, part of the problem with that question is that I've got some seriously wandering toes, but I don't care much for wide travel. My feet have a desire to walk over mountains, streams, and sand. I want to swim in the ocean and paddle in lakes. But I always want to come home. I want to create and care for a space that's sacred to me.

It would be impossible to have or to create a place, no matter how large, that would ever meet all my needs, and I could never live without a place to call home. Being confined to one or the other isn't an option.

I'm more inclined to lean toward the travel, though, given the two options and not being allowed to take 'em both. There are a lot of places I need to see.

2. What would your 15 year-old self think of you and your current life?

He'd be shocked I could get such a hot girlfriend. And he'd think I didn't treat her right (it's much easier to *think* you'd be romantic than to actually be in a relationship and do that). He'd chastise me for not saving more money. He'd be angry that I settled on one woman so quickly. And he'd be absolutely in awe of how much more I know than I did then.

This particular question was funny, because I just started uploading some old journal entries. They start when I was 16. If you really want to know what my younger self would think about me, just read what he thinks about everything else!

God, my teenage self was an idiot. And a Fluffy Bunny!

3. What would one perfect romantic evening include?

Probably lots of chocolate for her and lots of sex for me. . . Oh, wait, you wanted to know about the stuff before that, probably. . .

Well, I'd pick her up (read: my car would start). I'd bring flowers (of course) and chocolate. Some of the good, dark German kind. Instead of kissing her lips, I'd kiss her hand. I'd tell her she was beautiful. I'd take her to dinner at a nice restaurant, hold the door for her, pull the chair out, etc. I'd let her order her own meal. We'd just look at each other, making small talk. I'd tell her again that she was beautiful.

We'd finish the meal, and we go to the theatre. We'd have good seats, and perhaps see an opera or something generally serious. There would be no one in the row behind us talking, snoring, etc.

After this, we'd go for a walk. I'd offer my coat if it were cold. we'd talk, and I'd tell her she was beautiful again. We'd eventually admit that it was getting late, and I'd take her home.

At her door, I'd decide between two options. I'd kiss her full on the lips if I thought that her idea of romance would correspond to that. If not, I'd take her hand again and kiss it gently, with a small nibble thrown in for my own amusement. Then, I'd wish her good night, promise to call again soon, and go home. And I'd call when I said I would.

You may notice some things in particular in that scenario: I let her order (I don't want to make the mistake of taking away her freedom to choose, though lots of guys do that for some reason); I'd make a concious effort to tell her she's beautiful (but I would never lie); I'd drop her off, and I would leave (sex is not part of the romance to me).

4. This is another post, and I am older. ;) I cannot also resist an unsolved mystery. So, what exactly were the circumstances you mention in item no. 17 on your 50 neat things list? (I understand that the confidentiality issue may come into play here. I'm not asking for "who" and a somewhat vague rendition would also be fine.)

Ha! You might be older, but that's never stopped me from flirting, and flirting hard. . .

Some kids were making fun of homosexuality back in 4th Grade. At that point in our lives, homosexuality could be defined very simply as "two men kissing," which is just how it was defined by those making fun of homosexuality. Well, they were calling it disgusting, etc.

Well, I didn't think it was terribly disgusting. After all, the idea of attraction wasn't an issue (what 4th grader in a small KY town would think two men could be attracted to each other?), so it was just lips touching. So I piped up with, "What's the big deal? So two guys kiss?" One of my friends agreed, and we got a bit of a ribbing. So we decided to show them that it wasn't a big deal.

So we kissed.

Point was, in 4th Grade, it wasn't an issue of being attracted to a guy, or even of really wanting to kiss a guy. It was, simply, proving that there was nothing wrong with homosexuality.

5. And finally, I toss a golden apple into the room: Who do you believe is the most beautiful human woman who ever existed?

You made it real easy by saying "human woman". . .

In all honesty, Tina is the only woman I've ever called gorgeous. That particular adjective is reserved for situations in which I can't find any other word to describe a woman. I did once use it to describe one other person: Eris Herself. Honestly, Eris was 10 times more gorgeous, but since She's a Goddess anyway, I don't think Tina can take issue with my statement.
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