September 22nd, 2003


Wastin' Away Again. . .

So today the kids are back at school. Woo-freaking-hoo. More work for us!

Student Involvement Fair today, and I have ADF and PSA fliers for Priscilla, as well as the Pagan Pride Day fliers.

Starting work on getting an Erisian Order (is that oxymoronic, or am I seeing things) set up in ADF. *that* should be a blast.

I'm thinking about how Eris has changed over the years. She's gone from simple personification in the Greek world to a Deity with real power and a real cult in the modern world. She's been elevated much higher than Her original station.

Something to write about, I suppose, when I have the source myths.

I wonder if a person could worship the personification She once was. I'm not sure. I can't come to terms yet with whether She is the same Goddess, simply changed over time, or whether She is a brand new Goddess, and the personification in the myths is someone entirely different. It's a very, very tough question.

I'm thinking about robes with Ohio State stuff emblazoned now. There's this amusing story I read a few months ago about this priest in Detorit who's a huge Red Wings fan, and I saw a pic of his groovy vestments, and thought I could use a set for OSU. It'd be fun to have an OSU-Mich party and lead a ritual beforehand to ensure victory.

Then again, sometimes I think I have a weird idea of fun.

But this thought led to another: There's a Grove in Ann Arbor, MI (Shining Lakes Grove, ADF). I think we might need to make a wager on the OSU-Mich game with them. We need to work out the terms, but it would be fun if we could get together for a ritual at some point, and I see this as a good way to do that.

Ah, well. I'm headed back to work, 'cuz I really, really need to.
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