September 23rd, 2003


Was up too late last night. . .

Well, last night I went out to see Underworld. It was. . . alright. I tend to think it was good, but I was unimpressed with their over-reliance on What's-her-name's leather-clad ass (the real star of the movie, it seems). I couldn't decide whether I thought she was hot or not, so I settled on pretty and left it at that.

After we got home, though, Tina went to bed, and I went to my workbench. I finished the Runes I was working on. They're with me now. These are the heaviest Runes I've ever carved. Out of 148 oak pieces, I have one set of Runes. I destroyed more than my fair share of pieces while making these Runes. They're truly a set that cost me more sweat than I cared to give.

No, I won't tell you the question, but I will give you the answer, as I draw it out.

The Sun Goddess, the bright shining warmth. A proper gift, yes, and blessings with it.

Drizzle, rain. The cosmos. There is true strength in this Rune, and leaving the women speachless and impressed.

Wealth, contention among kin. There is danger, but the oportunity to reach out and take hold of something immensely valuble, yet potentially fleeting.

Good omens all. It just seals my intent to go forward with this.

Time to go show off my Runes to PSA.
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