October 6th, 2003


Roll with the punches. . .

"You can say you're too old to be young,
You can say you're too smart to be dumb,
But the well seasoned pro knows how long he can go
Don't Chu-Know, Don't Chu-Know, Don't Chu-Know?"

* * * *

So I walk into Dreese Lab this morning (I go through every day on my way to work). On the celing are the fire signals that flash (very brightly, I might add). Well, they were all flashing, as if the alarm was going off, but there was no sonic alarm.

Well, this was a bit strange, but I didn't think much of it, just figuring it to be a glitch.

I made the second turn into the long hall, and, coming from the janitor's closet (the door of which was slightly ajar and the lights were off), came two male voices:

"Hey, Bob? Is the building on fire?"

"Uh, I don't know yet. . ."

I had no idea how to take that.

* * * *

Yes, I admit that my away message sucks. I don't have the time or the inclination to set it up. Honestly, it's not worth it.

But I used to have some killer ones.

* * * *

I need to send something to Diana, something to Meg, and something to someone special. I just sent something out to healing_coyote the other day.

* * * *

Hey, if you aren't doing anything on Oct. 25, you can come donate blood with the Grove.

* * * *

I was really well-rested this morning. Instead of trying to struggle out of bed, I was struggling to go back to sleep. It felt really nice.

The extra exercise hasn't hurt.

* * * *

Time to do some work. I need to replace some things on the ADF site (I see Anthony's already been at it pretty strongly), I need to update my website, and I need to get the Samhain liturgy mostly together.

* * * *

One of our students gained weight over the summer. I'd guess 10 lbs. Good thing, cuz she was stick thin.

* * * *

Boston is coming up. . . I really need to get a place to stay! Bad, bad, lazy me!

Do I get one bed or two? How is this going to work out?
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Poll for the chics:

Have you ever used a vibrator, and if so, what age did you start using it/them at? May also apply to sex toys in general.

One of my female friends thinks she's the only woman in the world who hasn't used one, and I want to allay that fear.

Feel free to respond anonymously. No reason to embarrass anyone. :)
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