October 15th, 2003



The deities invoked in all ADF rituals done by Three Cranes:

Au Equinox 02: Teutates
Samhain 02: Cernunnos, Brigantia
Wi Solstice 02: Belenos, Epona
Imbolc 03: Brid
Sp Equinox 03: Sulis
Beltainne 03: Sirona, Belenos
Su solstice 03: Grannus
Lughnassad 03: Lugus
Au Equinox 03: Teutates

Over the course of last year, we're 6:5 on male to female deities.

Not sure what to do about this. . . Is this my fault, or is it a natural outgrowth?
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