October 23rd, 2003


Winning Souls for the Gods

Been looking into the Druid Grove that's starting up here in Columbus. No, not mine. The competition. *captialistic grin*

They *seem* affiliated with OBOD, but I'm not sure. Hard to tell.

They offer OBOD training, but they don't say they're an OBOD group. There's a lot of crazy Wiccany stuff on the webpage, or at least, I think it's Wiccany stuff. I know nothing about OBOD, really, so I can't ever be certain.

I'm wondering a bit whether they're taking OBOD's information and recycling it. That seems to be the most likely thing.

I'm interested in them. After all, if someone is looking for a Druidry that isn't ADF, I'd like to be able to send them somewhere more spiritually fulfilling. I wonder if they would do the same for us. . .

Until I find out, we'll consider them competition. Cooperation only works if both sides are willing.

Oh, my. I don't know what to say. Their Suggested Reading List includes the following:

Douglas Monroe
The 21 Lessons of Merlyn: A Study in Druid Magic and Lore
The Lost Books of Merlyn: Druid Magic from the Age of Arthur

I've decided to let you guys look at the site and let me know what you think:

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Rituals. . .

So I mentioned in that last entry about the Grove of the Great Dragon.

Something else disturbing has come to my attention. It's odd, because not only is it disturbing, but vaguely humourous.

Compare the rituals here:


With the rituals here:


Those of us familiar with ADF ritual will probably not need to look a the second link up on seeing the content in the first. . .

Okay, no more worries that people will find these guys more impressive than Three Cranes. . .
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