November 6th, 2003


Divination 1

So soon I'll be off to class. I have to make a donation today to the "Keep Mike's Checking Account Full" fund. It's a constant battle, but it's a very good cause.

I did some research last night on the ADF Study Program (getting ready to update my webpage shortly, so getting more content) last night. Well, being at work and needing information, I did searches online for info on the Tarbh Feis, looking particularly for source material that I could base an answer off of.

Well, I got loads of interesting answers.

So I wrote my little 100-word essay on this topic. Then I realized: I just did all this research on the internet.

So I went home, picked up the Mabinogi, and started reading The Dream of Rhonabwy to see if the info I got from the 'Net was correct. Well, there were some obvious errors invovled, and some really nit-picky ones that I would have been aghast to see had this been my area of expertise.

Some of the stupid little mistakes were these:

The site I grabbed this from described the woman as "toothless". There was no reference in the story to her being toothless. She's also referred to as a hag (never as a "woman"), which is important because it implys her age as well.

They call the hall "strange". The story calls it "dark".

I'm aware that those are really nit-picky, but if I hold other people to that standard of scholarship, I need to do the same to myself.

I brought in Davidson's Myths and Symbols of Pagan Europe: Early Scandinavian and Celtic Religions because Rees and Rees didn't mention the bull feast I needed to talk about. So I can finish writing this thing with the Davidson book, rather than with the Internet, which is just a bad idea.

There's a lot more in that little essay I wrote last night that I need to prove to myself is true before I can submit it.

Btw, you can find my answer to Divination 1, question 1 on monika_lessons. (The essay referred to above is for question 2.) Should I post my answer to question 2 here?

Off to class!