November 14th, 2003


Starhawk again? Ugh.

You know, the more I read about things like this,
the more I think the Christian Coalition should get money for politically pandering from the pulpit.

Starhawk is at it again, preaching in ritual, it seems. The very thing we Pagans cringe at Christians doing.

I'm tired of her and her gross misrepresentation of Paganism in general. Oh, wait, she's not Pagan. She doesn't just come out on Halloween and Beltaine. Bitch.

"Witches are the ones that don't just show up on Halloween and May Day, but take some leadership in the community."

-Starhawk, on the difference between Pagans and Witches

Unfortunately, my package to healing_coyote will be late (sorry, kid). Gary wanted to add something. :)

But at this point, it probably won't make it in time for your birthday. It was going to be a surprise, but late surprises are never as much fun :)


So why doesn't my religion get me onto the Green bandwagon? Why am I unconcerned with loads of liberal or conservative causes?

Because I think that tying politics to religion defines you in a very narrow worldview.

Why don't I fight sweatshops? Why do I support free trade? What gives with voting Republican most of the time?

I admit it. I'm a conservative. Sorry. But I should note that I vote for what I think is important. I place a much higher value on the economy than on social issues. Good economies lead to social justice. Bad economies lead to tyranny.

So I tend to vote conservatively. That's usually the group that gets an economy on track. Bush's tax cut is working wonders.

But I don't forget the social issues. I'm socially liberal, believing that everyone gets a shot, and that money for education is a good thing. I think everyone's sexuality has a place in society, and rights are important. But I think the economy is more important.

Increases in military spending help the economy. Increases in education hurt it. Cut spending, not jobs, assholes. Eliminate minimum wage (minimum wage increases create inflation and increase the cost of living by about 5%, whereas the average minimum wage increase is about 1-2%).

Good economies are hotbeds of social liberalism. Poor economies are hotbeds of religious conservativism. Disposable income creates leisure to protest, to get an education.

My rant for the day. Time to go home and see how this turns out on Monday. :) Have fun.
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