November 26th, 2003


Magic and that other spelling

On my website, I have a page of definitions for terms I use pretty often, including a lot of my acronyms.

The working definitions of "Magic" and "Magick" follow:

n. [Old Persian magos: sorcerer, philosopher]: Creating changes in reality in in accordance to your will.

n. [Old Persian magos: sorcerer, philosopher; English variation by A. Crowley]: Designed to reclaim the word "magic" from the slight-of-hand charlatans who had appropriated it. At this point, it makes you appear to be unable to spell a five-letter word.

Honestly, "magick" is like shouting from the rafters that Pagans can't spell (pun not intended, but very good). I can't find it in my dictionary. In fact, "magic" itself, when used as a transitive verb, is correctly spelled "magicked" or "magicking", which indicates that we're making an even bigger mockery of ourselves by using a form of the word that doesn't exist.

Let's consider the idea that "magic" means "sleight of hand". Looking at the definition in The American Heritage College Dictionary, we see that the first two definitions deal with what Pagans would consider magic, and only the third definition deals with slight of hand. (Incidentally, "magick" isn't in the dictionary.)

If you ask a person on the street (try this sometimes, because the look you get is very amusing) what "magic" is, they're most likely going to tell you that it's Harry Potter, Witchcraft, or superstition. They're unlikely to think of stage magic first.

So, yeah, I suppose I do have a problem with the word "magick". Just a little one *grins* It looks Fluffy Bunny, silly, and just plain dumb. Crowley might have thought it best to use the "k", but Crowley also had a lot of other bad ideas.

People will disagree, of course. They've every right to. But I won't be changing my ways for them, so I don't care if they change their spelling for me. :)

But then, I always liked wishesofastar's response to my statement that there are two English spellings of Hekate: Hecate and Hekate.

". . . To distinguish the 'slight-of-hand' magic Hecate from the ritual magic Hekate."

Pink Gorillas

Shit, and I thought this quiz would tell me I was an atheist when I was actually taking it. . .

Old fashioned Witchcraft!!
You are best suited for Old Fashioned Witchcraft!!!

You shoot from the hip with little reguard to
modern "proprieties" in the witchy
world. You do what you please and to Hell (or
if you prefer Hades) with what anyone else
thinks. You do what you must, when you must,
but only as you feel like it should be done.

What Style of Witchcraft suits you?
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Okay, so you're probably wondering about the title: "Pink Gorillas". If you aren't, you should be.

Last night, PSA was all about ritual basics. We were talking about casting a circle, and Chris asked Psyche what the "shape" of the circle was: sphere or cylinder. Well, this got us off on a tangent, and we got to what the circle is used for, and wishesofastar said that it was to keep the energy inside.

Well, I suddenly got the image of a bunch of pink energy gorillas in a cage, shaking the bars to get out. Then I started thinking about how useful that visualization could be. After all, it'd be an incredibly strong visualization, and having a dozen giant pink energy gorillas to work your will in the world would be terribly effective.

But the visual of pink gorillas rattling a giant cage around a Wiccan ritual (trying to get out) will stay with me forever, I think. :)

Did you know that HootersAir flies out of Columbus? I was a bit shocked, but I think I know how I'm getting to Key West next time. It's $129 to get down to Ft. Meyers, making it a $258 round trip That's actually pretty good. That's only *slightly* more expensive than Southwest.

"The coffee is strong at the Cafe Du Monde
Doughnuts are too hot to touch.
Just like a fool when those sweet goodies cool
I eat till I eat way too much!"
-Jimmy Buffett, "The Wino and I Know"

I just came back from lunch. I had, officially, the best doughnut I have ever had.

I walked into Buckeye Donuts across High Street today, intent on getting a custard-filled chocolate doughnut. Well, I was sorely disappointed when all they had was one lone doughnut sat on the rack, and it had sprinkles. Today, I wasn't so into sprinkles. So, when the lady asked what I wanted, I answered (somewhat crestfallen), "Well, I wanted a chocolate custard one, but I see you're out, so. . ."

Her interruption astonished me: "Oh, I can make you one if you want!"

I was a bit taken aback, but, of course, I can't deny such a treat, so I agreed, and she went back to make me a doughnut.

When she brought it out, she even gave me a discount, and asked if I wanted it in a bag. I told her I was intending to eat it immediately. And I did.

The hot pastry was set off beautifully by the cold custard, and the chocolate was also still warm. I couldn't help but humm "The Wino and I Know" by Jimmy as I walked back to my office. I realized about half way back to the office, after finishing this treat, that I probably looked like I'd just had some strange yet satisfying sexual experience. My mouth was hanging open a bit, I wasn't focused on anything, and I was walking slow. If I hadn't caught myself, I probably would have been drooling.

But it was, honestly, the perfect doughnut. It was sacralicious.

I've given up entirely on getting my $304.50 back that I put into getting that cat its shots and spayed. The ex-owner, I'm now convinced, never would have done it. Had it stayed with her, that cat would be pregnant and FIV positive by now, making little FIV positive kittens to spread the disease around like love in the 60's.

And yeah, I'm pissed about it. I didn't have that money to spend; despite that, I have pride, and I won't be asking her for the money. In some weird, twisted way, I feel like I would be begging for charity from someone who simply doesn't care. I'm simply going to trust in the Gods to provide me with the means to dig myself out of the hole that this foolish act of charity has gotten me into.

Of course, if she gives it to me of her own volition, I won't complain.

But the cat needs a home. And she needs one soon. All shots and spay taken care of (anyone taking the cat gets her for free). She's about 6 months and in dire need of attention that I simply can't give her.