December 8th, 2003



Okay, I'm sorry. If your review of book X shows a 5th grade grasp of grammar, I won't believe you read the book. I just can't see past the issues of subject-verb agreement, misplaced commas, and a complete lack of compound sentences.

If that sounds like your writing, try again.

They should really teach grammar in school. Oh, wait: they do!

Stuff :)

Well, today I started answering ADF Office mail. I figured I'd watch hearthstone do that for long enough that I got it down (correct me if I'm doing something crazy, please!)

Things on the Dedicant Program are getting cleared up. It seems that the Clergy Council has it's shit together and things are moving along. This is good. It's actually not less than I expected, but I'm allowed to freak out and complain a bit, too, aren't I?

I need to purchase a new monitor. I'm going for a 19" one this time. More cool gaming things need to be done. Any suggestions on where to go or what kind of monitor to buy?

I have to get home to cook for Tina tonight. She's a bit mad at me. :)

Saturnalia planning is coming along nicely, I think.

I'm learning to write VCD's. Apparently, it's not hard. It's just not something I've ever done before. Once that's done, I can take some of my more amusing movies and watch them on DVD.

That would make good christmas presents. Maybe the video I have of an old Zelda commercial, or the one of the beautiful nuclear explosions would make a good christmas gift to some people.

And there'd better not be anyone out there who attacks my statement, "beautiful nuclear explosions." They are.

I also made a CD for Brian. We'll see how he feels about Buffett. It has some documents on it, and I think he'll appreciate it. Most of them relate to Ziiace or other things like that. One is the book The Road to Hel by HR Ellis Davidson, which is pretty darn good. I'll need to get around to reviewing it one day. I've been slacking on reviews.

I just thought of something (relating to the last post): Does the DP ask for book reviews or book reports? Because it needs to ask for reviews, in my opinion. A report isn't critical.

I might have to call Jenni tonight and ask.