December 9th, 2003


Dreams of good-looking things . . .

Workin' on an update to my website. Planning a something a bit different, I think. Don't know when I'm going to finish it yet, though.

I had a dream that I keep meaning to put down here, but I keep forgetting it. I wrote some notes down, and they're sitting next to my bed right now. I'll try to get them up tonight, I think. The dream starred Eris, and there was a supporting cast as well, including mmefrufru. The reason I mention it now is so I can hopefully remember to get the notes so I can write it down! It was interesting, to say the least! It does involve me shirtless, but don't get your hopes up. Please. :) Better yet: let your hopes run rampant, because they sure won't when I actually type in the dream :)

Jenni just named me deputy Preceptor. That means I get to read DP's now. Hopefully, my entry from yesterday won't be any form of precognition about the writing abilities of Dedicants.


Well, we'll see. This'll be a fun new thing to do.

Are there people out there who think I'm not cut out for the stuff I do? If there are, they don't say anything to me. . .

Oops. I should get to work.

Later, ya'll.

Many Apologies!

I realise that many people count on me to be up on subjects that aren't even remotely interesting to me, so I'm sorry I'm way late in getting this out, but I hope you can forgive me:

Greeks and Romans in the Buffyverse: Classical threads in fantasy and science fiction on contemporary television

Sorry I'm so late. Cost is all of ten pounds, but (of course) you have to get to Britain.