December 11th, 2003



I see they've updated the LJ updating tool to accept RTF now. Cool. That should make it easier on you people who don't know HTML :)

I have updated my webpage. It's a small, modest update, but I like it.

I am comfortable with the size of my update. :)

Anyway, I talked to Jenni for a while last night about the meditation requirement. I got some things cleared up, but not everything. She asked me to write a bit about how I meditate for the DP, in order to expand options. I like the new changes I'm hearing, so far.

But I now get to deal with wonderfully sticky issues on more than one list :)

Back to it :)


Tell me a story.

Seriously. I'm a bit stressed and could use the break :)

It should include the following items (you may combine them):

A cabbage; your favourite God/dess; a naked man (mlleelizabeth, you can have two); an apricot; a palm tree; you as the main character; a naked woman; and a monster of some sort.

Genre? I haven't decided. Maybe horror?