December 24th, 2003


The more you learn, the less you know. . .

Imagine a strong Celtic warrior on a windswept plain. He's covered from head to foot in blue woad, a 10 foot spear in his left hand. He wears no shirt, and his and hair kilt is stained in blood.

Now, take that image, move it into a small white room and replace the blue woad and the blood with white paint. Make the 10 foot spear a paint roller extender, make the kilt a pair of jeans, and make that Celtic Warrior me.

Then you will know exactly what I looked like when I finished the second coat of paint on my bedroom.

Yes, for those who need the mental image, I have been painting shirtless. For those who didn't want the image, you have my permission to claw your third eye out.

Unfortunately, the room isn't actually totally white yet. It's still a pale pink in some places. I might be fighting a losing battle. I'm praying that one final coat will do it, but I'm not sure I should hope, as hope can simply be dashed upon the rocks.

I hope that I can give everyone a truly great update on Monday about the house. And about whether Tina likes it. (cross your fingers, please)

Oh, on a side note, the Grove collected 18 toys for Firefighters4Kids at the Yule ritual. A thanks to those who donated! (In my geeky nature, I worked that out: 1.5 gifts per ADF member in our Grove; 2.25 gifts per person participating in the gift exchange; and 18 happier kids than there were yesterday.)

I dropped them off yesterday at the Fire station on N. High, next to Kroger.

Wow. triadruid took up something I did and turned it into a meme. I'm honoured :)

Now the rest of you: go do the same!

Ritual work. . .

Rituals I need to revise/write in the near future:

1) revamp the Buffett Ritual to include Cheeseburgers and actual singing (note: instead of opening the Gates, open the Tiki Bar)

2) the Muppet Liturgy (Statler and Waldorf as "Outdwellers")

3) the Stripper Liturgy (thanks to vampyrecandy [and her bro] for the idea) . . . (mental note: discuss whether strippers on poles would be better gatekeepers, or better axis mundi, and check whether anyone in ADF has skills that would be useful for helping out) . . . (mental note 2: try not to sound like a sexist pig for suggesting that)

4) the OSU-M*ch*g*n Game Blessing Rite (this will require new "vestments")

5) a run-of-the-mill Imbolc Rite for the Grove

6) a Sumbel for the Grove

7) another Erisian ritual (avoid using giant Golden Apples this time)

8) Ziiace foundation rite

9) one Black Mass, to go. No, I don't want fries with that.

On a totally unrelated note, I just realised that the SD of our Grove has the power to delegate out the Pursewarden or Scribe jobs if they become vacant. . . I think. I need to look at the By-Laws again.

Oh. I just got this in email (seems a lot of unrelated things are occuring here today). Some of you may know the subject of this particular article:

Pagans and Porn

An exerpt:

"Stacy Bartley, 46, of Ravenwood, W.Va., was arrested Dec. 1 and charged in Hamilton County with four counts of aggravated arson, charges carrying a maximum penalty of 36 years in prison."

It's a disturbing article.