January 27th, 2004


Desert Magic

So I'm seriously looking at the Desert Magic Festival in Arizona. I found very reasonable fares ($94 one-way, to/from Columbus, OH) that would have me flying into Phoenix.

I'd probably have to take off four days from work (allowing me to fly out on Wed. and back on Mon., depending on what time they start and how long it takes for me to get to Tucson from Phoenix).

So, qorinda, would you meet me in the terminal with a sign saying "Hot sexy Senior Druid of Three Cranes, your party is waiting?"

Better yet, would you have me paged over the entire airport with that?

That would *so* be cool :)

Of course, this is all pending more info from Kirk. I have to email him. And approval from work (and the woman) to take off for nearly a week.

Quiz. . .

Haha! I finally got the damn quiz to work! Check it out:

Geroge, being one with a stone
Your Discordian Totem Animal is George The 42-Inch
Inchworm. Because there is more wisdom in the
Yoga of the Inch Worm than in the multimedia
section of the Atlantian Library.

Your Discordian Totem
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