February 5th, 2004


"Rum and cooked animals and bullshit by the ton . . ."

I need a real Magic 8-Ball.

I'm tired of just making up what the 8-Ball says. Like the Rubic's Cube, Ninja Turtles, and a 2600, I never owned one of these true relics of the 80's, and I feel like I missed out on quite a bit. (Yes, I am aware that some of these things are older than I, but this is where I associate them in history.)

I love the idea behind the song "Semi-True Story":
It's a semi-true story
Believe it or not
I made up a few things
And there's some I forgot.
But the life and the tellin'
Are both real to me
And they run like the rain
All the way to the sea.
I'm looking at courses for next quarter. I'm planning to take Jones' "Myth and Ritual", and kinda trying to decide between the following:

  • Classical Archeology
  • Topics in ancient myth and society (taught by Fritz Graf)
  • The Hero in Classical Myth
  • Persian myth and folklore
  • Myth of ancient Egypt and the Mesopotamian
  • Marx, Nietzsche, Freud

Help me out? What other class would you take?

On a very random side note: does anyone know if the lady on the cover of Cunningham's "Truth About Witchcraft Today" is/was actually Wiccan?