February 11th, 2004


Today's message

Today, I feel very "Distantly in Love". I think I know why, but I'm not talking. . .

Today's hint?

"He'll tell some lies, meet some spies, and dance barefoot in the sand."

Yes, only 7 days left. You people have very good guesses, and I think you should keep it up :)

In the ongoing saga of my fedora. . . What, I haven't told you about it?

Well, here's the deal. I ordered a new fedora about a week ago, as you will all recall. Well, the next day, I got an email saying that the style I had ordered was discontinued.

What? Discontinued? How could this be?

So I went home and promptly forgot about the situation until about two days ago.

On Monday, I had a few minutes of down time. I remembered the email about not being able to get my hat, so I decided it was time to go on a quest.

"It's like nothing you've ever gone after before," you say?

"You sound like my mother," says I.

Well, I hit up Froogle and did a quick search, and low and behold, I found one through a cowboy hat company!

It's been shipped, and I expect it in a few days.

Oh, the wonders of it all!

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Quiz time. Good luck. You'll need it.

Which Jimmy Buffett lyrics has chronarchy lived, and to what extent? 1 to 3 points per answer, depending on how correct you are. ID the song and get 10 extra points! Answers should go into the comments, or be emailed. You are all on your honour not to read the comments first. :) The winner will get a prize. . . (yes you may do all or just part)

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