February 19th, 2004


I dream of beautiful women, but never often enough. . .

ISP woes continue, but it allows me to make better updates to my webpage while offline, for a better all around update.

Last night I had three dreams. I must describe them backwards.

The third I do not recall.

The second I recall only sparsely, but where there is recollection, I recall vividly. I was visited by my Harem from CedarLight. As this was the first time I've seen any of you, I think, I have to say that you're all absolutely beautiful. Every one of you. I was pleasantly shocked and awed at you all.

Do your significant others know where you were last night? Damn, they're lucky to have you girls. I'm a bit jealous.

The first involved many of the animals I recently saw on a trip to the Zoo.

Boarding in our house were the usual three cats (Raven and the Boys), but added to this was a cougar, two timberwolves, and one other animal.

Well, we let them out of their carriers, not really considering what would happen when everyone was out at once. Fortunately, I got Raven locked up, but the Boys kept escaping. I tried to round up everyone else. The fact that the cougar is a cat and the timberwolves are dogs made things very interesting, and there was much hissing. I woke up before anything got resolved.

Frosted Lucky Charms are magically delicious.

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