February 25th, 2004


Drumroll, please. . .

Yes, the day you have all waited anxiously for is here!

So now there is a *huge* update to my website, including all sorts of nifty pictures where you can see just how I look (for those who have been wondering).

I was very amused at the guesses as to what I was planning, including "popping the question" dressed in all manner of weird things.

For the record, at the moment, I'm not planning that. Plus, she already said "no" once.

Sorry, but no Buffett concert, either :( The Druid Breeding Program is also of note. :)

But I'm not describing the updates that are outlined in the "hints" I gave. It's up to you to find all the neat new stuff. There are still some Easter Eggs from the last update that seem "unfound".

Good luck. I've just realized how huge my webpage really is. . .

Mailing and such. . .

Well, Lex is in the mail. As I didn't want him going too long without companionship, I've sent him two-day, rather than 3-5. I know that mlleelizabeth will appreciate.

I sent everything in for my car donation today. Got the sigs notarized, and sent them off.

As I walked back to my office, I came across something rather curious. There was a small ring of mushrooms under a tree near my office, the ground they were sitting on was raised slightly. In the center there was a larger mushroom.

They sat under the shade of the tree. I stood there for a while looking at them, kind of wondering how they got into such a syemtrical shape. I turned to go back to my office after a moment, and was startled to see movement around the mound of fungi out of the corner of my eye. I looked back, and nothing appeared to be there, but I've learned that one can never tell.

PCCO et al. . .

So I'm thinking of maybe going to a PCCO event. You know, because I've never been to one, and their prices have become a lot more reasonable. . .

Except their workshops for Springbourne, in a word, suck. First, they're *all* about fairies. There are also a total of four (though they only list three). I can also think of better things to do with a weekend.

You know, PCCO sometimes makes it very hard to care about what they do. They've always been like this.

*sighs* But their festival is now on our calendar. I'm so freaking proud of that calendar.