March 2nd, 2004


Gatekeeper invocation:

I have decided on the Gatekeeper invocation for the next incarnation of the Buffett ritual. Rather than calling a specific person/deity, I plan on invoking through description:


(From "Beachhouse on the Moon", -JB)

"Past the falls they call Victoria,
Down the river named the Nile,
Drifts a tiny little handmade boat,
It's shaped just like a smile.

And steered by a magician,
With the knowledge that he needs,
To keep him on his destined course,
Past the crocodiles and reeds.

He's the Admiral of the ocean,
The Lone Eagle in the sky,
He gave me my first sextant,
And he taught me how to fly.

It's been quite a lengthy passage,
From the dawn of time till now,
He has weathered the infernal storms
In his trusty petite dow.

He has soared about colossal waves,
Sailed the endless sea.
Sometimes he resembles you,
Sometimes he looks like me."


I haven't decided yet if I want to add the following stanza to the end. I'm not sure about it, because it removes "him" from the unknown, and places him outside the scope of the immediate cosmos. But then again, it places "him" on the Moon, resting between voyages, and the Moon is a very liminal place, and a good spot for a Gatekeeper. I just don't know if I want "him" so far away. What do you guys think?

"I saw him through my telescope,
On a cloudless night in June,
As he rested between voyages
At his beach house on the moon."

Most importantly, what do you think of that invocation for a Gatekeeper?

*laughs* And people don't think I take it seriously when I work in humour! Shame on them!
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A story!

Bored? Need something to do?

I have a new story, written when mlleelizabeth told me I should write a short story.


The Missionary

Lemme know what you think. It hasn't been really edited (an edited version might occur later), but I like it. I pretty well wrote it a sentence at a time while waiting for A/R to load at work, and occasionally whole paragraphs in the evenings! It was fun to write.
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