March 16th, 2004


DP reading

Well, if what I have in hand passes as the new DP reading list, then it's ready for upload as soon as it get approved. I spent three hours last night working on it. I left my office at 8:30 last night.

I was most fortunate to have done most of the leg work before. I already had pictures of all the covers for new books.

I need to make some suggestions to Anthony today that will make this job easier in the future. It was crazy all the stuff I had to do for this.

I'm now looking for the best in- or out-of-print books that don't really fit the DP for the "other recommendations" section of the page. I've asked the Scholars to give me a hand with it.


You know, sometimes I write the darndest things. Just today:

"Those wacky Canadians. Legalizing marijuana and gay marrriages. It's shocking that God hasn't smote them already."

I wonder if the word "smitten" wouldn't have been better? *shrugs* Oh, well.