March 25th, 2004


A quiz, a bunch of haikus, and a game:

From icemagick:

You are Sanguine - The ancient Greeks
believed this was caused by having too much
Strengths: You are enthusiastic, talkative, expressive,
and friendly.
Weaknesses: You can be undisciplined, distractable, and
have a tendency to exaggerate.
At your best: You are an energetic spokesperson.
At your worst: You can be an egotistical entertainer.
You measure your own value by: Applause
For personal growth, you should focus
For others to relate well to you, they
should be:
Others should support your: Ideas
If someone wants you to make a decision,
they should give:

What Ancient Greek Personality Type Are You?
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So, if I'm in Kansas City from 9 am to 6 pm with nothing to do on a Friday, could we make it so I have something to do? And then there's Sunday, where I will have a couple of free hours for dinner?

I worry most about Friday, which would probably require people getting out of work. Do you Kansas City folk have real jobs that require work on Fridays? Cuz while I'd love to meet you folks, no reason to take vacation on my behalf. I'm not sure I'm *that* interesting :)

I'm booking flights right now.

This whole thing is just crazy :)

Come to think of it, I might be persuaded to throw together a simple workshop for Friday on something.
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