April 10th, 2004


Quick intermission. . .

I've been writing crazy much on this Chaos working. It's not done yet. I have a few more entries to go. I'm sure I've been cursed about not using cut tags, but I've thought about them and I don't want to for these. You might see why in the next post. Someone else is kind of controlling them. But I know I haven't posted much about *me* or what I'm doing, so I figured I'd do that real quick, since I'm temprorarily in my office (momentary panic attack last night that I would screw over my email situation brought me in).

I spent the morning in my back yard. I've been working on my outdoor altar, and it's been slow going. Right now, I'm looking at probably a few more days of work, and *then* I can start with actually building the thing :)

So my next stop will be Lowes to pick up some particular tools and such.

But I'm also planning to go to Outland tonight with aislinggheal and perlgirlju. More properly, I'll be meeting them there. Others should go, too.

*laughs* I'll be clinking around in my pants, which I have always called my "fun pants", but which beautycorrosion has informed me are actually "bondage pants". I prefer to call them "fun pants", though, cuz that gets me a much more amusing reaction. Invariably, people just repeat the words "fun pants" in a questioning way.

These would be the pants I took off at a PSA meeting. :)

Someone should bring a camera.

Oh, and today's side project? Make myself a new set of runes! I'm getting really, really close to finishing these! And I'm very excited!

Today, I have a goatee. Tomorrow I may not. :)

And I have decided I need a haircut. I'd be sexier that way.

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