April 13th, 2004


Chaos working XI

Part X


I was surprised to find a willow that stood so straight and tall, and more surpirsed to find it here in the middle of the forest instead of at the water's edge.

I stepped up to the tree, looking for the best place to plant my axe. I ran my hands over its bark to find marks of disease, and rapped on it, testing to see if it were hollow. I looked up at the branches and saw that they were thick and strong. Seeing these things, and knowing where I should cut, I nodded to myself and stepped back to pick up my axe.

"You'll need more than just yourself to pull that to the water," came a voice behind me.

I spun around. There in the clearing stood a man who carried an axe over his shoulder. He was admiring my axe with a practiced eye. "That's a nice axe, son. Where'd you get it?"

"You'll laugh at me if I tell you, good sir."

"Probably. You look like you'd say a good number of funny things. I'd wager that you're the only peson who gets even half your jokes, though."

I smiled. "You're probably right. You look like you're a woodcutter by trade. Are you the satyr's friend?"

"I am. I assume from that question that Sam suckered you into doing the cutting, huh?" He laughed. "You know, he isn't even a very good carpenter. His bridge probably looks like shit and is useless to anyone who wants to drive a team across."

"Truth be told, sir, it might even be useless to a horse to cross."

The man laughed uproariously at this. His laugh was an honest, deep laugh, one born of a life in the woods, where a man doesn't need to impress anyone except himself. It wasn't a careless laugh, the kind that filled children and asylums, but a responsible laugh, where the world itself is still an interesting place, and things are full of beauty. One might wonder if there is truly a difference between types of laughter, but I assure you there is.

His laughter trailed off, but not before he had fully experienced it. "Well, son, I suppose I should help you, shouldn't I? You're not scrawny, but you could do with some more exercise."

Without another word, we each stepped up to the tree and began to cut.

To be continued. . .


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Chaos working XII

Part XI


We worked without speaking, simply cutting into the base of the tree. Occasionally, the woodcutter would check my form and technique, grunting satisfaction with the way I handled the axe, or sighing discontent with the angle of a cut. Soon enough, we brought the tree crashing to earth.

The woodcutter brought out a length of rope, and (again wordlessly) handed me a loop. He tied the middle around a branch, and threw the loop around his shoulder. We both set down our axes and prepared to walk the tree out. On his cue, we lifted and dragged the tree toward the river.

Moving the tree was far easier than I had expected. The willow branches bent when we pulled it past tree trunks, and we were soon back on the banks of the river. I was about to hail the satyr when the woodcutter put his hand on my shoulder.

"A good job you've done, kid. Good thing you weren't smaller. You'd never have been able to help."

I laughed, "Well, I'm fortunate to have made some good choices. It's been a long road, but I've had some excellent teachers."

The woodcutter stroked his beard thoughtfully. "You know, what's most amazing is that you listen to your teachers. Everyone has excellent teachers, but not everyone listens to them. Now, if you'll excuse me, I believe I left my axe back there. Have a good evening."

"Would you get mine, too?" I asked. "It was a gift. I don't want to lose it."

"Oh, you don't need it anymore," he said. "You just needed it for this. Trust me, you don't want to climb a mountain wearing an axe on your back. It's a long way up. Besides, I don't think that the patron who gave you that axe will be all too sore."

"Why do you say that?" I asked, curious.

He smiled. His face seemed older, but not old with that smile. "Because I gave it to you." And with that, he disappeaered into the forest.

To be continued. . .


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Chaos working XIII

Part XII


I stood for a moment in a state of shock. I knew that my Gods worked together, but never so closely as to help each other out. The gift of the axe coming through Eris' hands amazed me, and now that I knew who this woodcutter was, I was in awe of the simple work we had just done together.

I still stood in silent thought when the satyr's words finally broke through to me.

"Hey, you gonna stand there till the moon rises, or you gonna float me that tree?" he shouted.

"I'm working on it," I called back. I moved the trunk of the tree into the water, and then found a heavy branch. I pushed the rest of the tree in and sat down on the water's edge to think.

The satyr had a regular beat going with his hammer as I thought about how far I'd come. I was, perhaps, half-way to my destination, and I had so much further to go. I wondered for a moment how long I had been in this state, tranced out in front of my altar at home, chanting out a mantra I couldn't pronounce. Suddenly, a frightening, yet remarkably comfortable thought came into my mind: was I actually sitting at home stumbling over words and phrases, or was I here, sitting and listening to the sound of a satyr hammering away on a bridge? Did it matter?

I decided that it did not matter, whether I was physically here or only "in my mind." What was important was the experience, the things that occured. The owner of this reality, body or mind, didn't matter one bit.

The sound of the hammer on the bridge was soothing, and I decided that I could pass the time until the satyr finished by falling asleep.

To be continued. . .


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Halftime Show!

So the halftime show is here. We now stand, looking both forward and backward. We were going to have Janet Jackson for the show, but the FCC wouldn't allow it, so here we are, with an update and a bit of talk.

I expect that this story will be done in about 20 parts. I'm shooting for exactly the 20 mark, but it depends on how long or short the parts between now and the end are. The writing has rather taken on a life of its own, and I'm more than a little lost when I try to figure out how it works. If I keep on top of everything, I expect that I should have this story completely posted by Thursday night.

Ladies, how about a kiss for good luck?

Once it's finished, I'll be posting it on my website in its completed version. Then, Gods willing, there will be no more crazy serials for a while. At least none in so many parts.

But I'm knee deep in work, fighting to try to figure out things. The Grove had a small emergency last night when the spot we wanted for Beltaine was taken, but anivair saved our butt by taking me out to another possible location and letting me look it over. So now we're set, and an update will be forthcoming about time, place, and all that junk.

After that, I finally got to meet tosk, to help plan a Discordian handfasting.

All I have to say? Goddamn I'm gonna be busy on the first weekend in May.

I had an excellent time at Outland last weekend, and met some curious people (curious in a cool way!). I also found out that one of my co-workers is holding down a bartending job there. Kinda weird, but nifty.

Also at Outland, I watched this really hot chic in a schoolgirl outfit dance around for a while. There was also a guy with a kilt on. This got me to thinking: is it the same mechanism in men that makes them like schoolgirls (i.e. the plaid, pleated skirt) that it is in women that makes them like kilts (i.e. the plaid, pleated skirt)? Honestly, they look pretty similar to me. But when I posed this question to aislinggheal, she said it wasn't. This question is important to me, though, and I want more opinions!

I need to do the following things: finish up my workshop for Desert Magic Festival, finish a revision of the Dance Guild proposal (clocking in at a beautiful 64 pages thanks to the lovely beautycorrosion), get my car into the shop before Friday, get my ass over to PSA to pick people up in under an hour from now, get back on the horse, and lead the damn thing to water.

Yes, every word of that made sense in my muddled brain.

Oh, and I have to finish about 7 more parts to that nifty Chaos Working. Yes, I am so on top of this.

Taken from aicerno:

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Ask me anything you want.

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