April 22nd, 2004


Io Eris! There's so much going on. . .

tlachtga: There's something in the mail for you, hot stuff!

I finished editing the Dance Guild proposal, so after officer elections, we'll probably be ready to move on it.

My cold is hanging around, but at least I can think straight now.

I'm also mailing out my ballot for ADF elections. I was going to mail out a few more things, but it appears that my stupid checkbook is nowhere to be found. Grr.

I did finally find an excuse to use my golden apple post-it notes, though! I'm so happy!

Now, I'm thinking. This is a dangerous game. It's like looking into a pit with your best friend, and he turns to you and says: "Asps. Very dangerous. You go first."

So we won't be talking about what I'm thinking :) Not until the anti-venom gets here, at least. Or someone gives me some petrol I can pump on 'em and a torch to light it with.

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