May 10th, 2004


Ugh. . .

I had a great time last weekend. When I stop feeling sick, I'll give a full run-down.

As it stands right now, though, I'm running an interesting fever (with hot and cold flashes), have a bad headache, and my body is killing me.

But damn, I had fun.

athanasios, I'll have my reviews of both Trillium and Desert Magic to you by the end of the week (Trillium is done, Desert Magic is about half-way).

wellspring announcement

From the announcement for Wellspring:

"There is no pre-registration again this year, and we have two prices. ADF Members are $60 and Non-ADF Members are $75. Our intention was to have non members become members but apparently this idea is not palatable to some people. We are not forcing anyone to become an ADF member, but this is an ADF members event and we of course strongly encourage everyone to support ADF by at least joining."

Haha. It appears that I am now "some people" :)

wellspring announcement, pt. 2

From Wellspring Registration

Wellspring Gathering Registration is $60 for ADF Members which includes all activities from Thursday, 5/27 to Monday, 5/31/04.

Membership Card or prior arrangement required for Members Price.

Non-ADF members must pay $75, but if they wish to join the organization (ADF), $15 of their festival fees will go toward their first year of membership. (This must be decided at registration.)

All registration is on-site and will be handled when you first arrive at the front gate. Only acknowledged prior arrangements will be allowed.

Any special consideration or anticipated problems should be addressed to: AJ and Shawn.

Call AJ during reasonable hours at: 216.289.6663


That's much better wording. I like it a lot. It also addresses those who have lost their membership cards, which is very nice.

I'm rather happy with this resolution, myself.
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