June 21st, 2004


Voting again!

Yes, I'm going to keep reminding you to register to vote. One more happy reminder:

Those of you who aren't sure about how to vote, who to vote for, or what to do, check out Tosk's post on voting. It's especially helpful if you're drowning in a certain kind of rhetoric.

Damn Discordians can change your life.
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Spam spam spam spam. . .


The ADF-Webmaster account gets lots of spam. In fact, that account brings in more spam in one day than my regular email account brings in in a full three weeks. Lucky me, I'm on the list to have it forwarded to my regular accout.

Anyway, today I was sent some amusing spam. It appeared to be poetry of sorts. I broke it down into separate lines, and here's what it looked like:

When beyond fetishist hesitates,
tornado living with demon meditates.
Now and then, of mortician write
a love letter to beyond crank case.
related to pork chop
operate a small fruit stand with from debutante,
but behind grand piano play pinochle
with over bottle of beer.
Most trombones believe that
spider near trade baseball cards
with of bottle of beer.
vindictive extralinguistic algenib
bittersweet bowfin maxwell bessie