July 7th, 2004



I'm back, yes.

First and foremost:

Those of you using "address books" and such from third parties, then sending me email requesting I update the information?

Please stop giving them my email address. I don't trust them. The service smacks of email harvesting.

(several people have done this to me, so it's not just one person)

An update will be coming around later.
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A little dream

While sleeping soundly above the confluence of two roaring creeks, I dreamed a dream I found so vivid, so impressive and elaborate, that I felt I should set it down. I do not believe that dreams hold anything, but I thought this one was nifty.

Here is that dream:
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Busy busy busy

There. After 450 jounal entries, I have read back to the most recent post today.

Damn, you guys are busy! And talkative!

Now, I'm off to go pick up the girlfriend and take her out for pizza! Talk about a hot date!