August 18th, 2004


Time and change, baby.

Alright. Today I managed to do one of the personal things that I had planned to get done before 5 PM. There's still 30 minutes, but that's not enough to get it all done with.

So, tomorrow.

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    "Bank of Bad Habits", -JB
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Weeding the Garden: The View From the Ground. . .

Last weekend, I was weeding my garden. It's a big garden, and I don't mind the chaos inherent in the system. In fact, it takes up my entire backyard. It's huge. Most of the weeds I let relax where they are. There are dandelions in the rose bushes. There are Virginia creepers entombing the fence. There are ivy vines that constantly try to wrap a finger around my altar. There are snapdragons in the middle of the path.

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