August 30th, 2004



Wow. I had an amazing time. :)

Some may find it shocking, others may find it sickening, but throughout the past few months, I have never had to worry about ADF, where it's heading, or what's going on. This might sound kinda strange, as I've been silently sitting at the center of it on occasion, and sometimes I make comments, but really, I don't see any issues with ADF.

It is, after all, my religion. It's not a website I visit or an email list I read.

And events like Summerland, Wellspring, Desert Magic, and Trillium all show me that ADF is workable. They show me that people are excited about ADF. They show me that people are primarily spiritual in their outlook on ADF. They show me that people are in ADF to honour the Gods, not to get involved in petty politics.

And then there's my Grove, a source of inspiration and a feeling of home. Special thanks to all of you who helped me get through last weekend with some sanity.

There was no politics. There was no discussion of who-said-what. We were just all there, being ourselves, worshipping the Kindred to the tune of some highly out-of-tune Jimmy Buffett lyrics.

I haven't read any entries made on my last post yet, but from the looks of things it turned into a pretty little flame war. Originally, I hadn't intended to comment on any of the responses, but I got sucked in. I think this time, I will re-attempt to not respond, but I'll read them all.

I get credit for this?

The following books are required for my New Age and New Religious Movements class next quarter. This should be fun :)


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I'm fortunate to already own (and have read) DDM. Not everyone is so lucky :)
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