September 17th, 2004



I'm busy, I'm sick, and I'm pissed at myself.

What a world. What a world.

Offline because I'm so damn busy I haven't gotten around to anything I wanted to.

But I have a visit to make to the post office today.

sarahdipity418, you may expect something shortly.

beautycorrosion, m3ch, and Bunny, Thanks! Tina asked what it was. I said "anime" and she said "anime porn?" Your work here is done :)

Gods, back to work. I hope to get online sometime today.
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Looks like Outland goes out like a light after this weekend.

I intend to make an appearance, depending on how I feel, either tonight or tomorrow.

If tonight, I guess I'll be updating later today.
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    "Autour du Rocher", -JB
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