October 8th, 2004


Where's the beef?

Last night I came home to Tina putting things in bags. Lots of food going into lots of bags.

It seems she's decided to put her money where her mouth is and go vegan.

Fortunately, I have met enough people who claim to be reincarnated from the Druids of Atlantis who were burned at the stake in Salem that I was entirely unphased by this new change in Tina's diet.

So, no more eggs or milk for Tina, which leaves me in a real quandry about how to make her breakfast in bed in the future.

Honestly, on Saturday night, the following words passed my lips: "How the hell do you cook rice?"

You can see, I'm in for a long learning experience.

On a happier note, it seems that I made a big mistake on Tuesday night. Probably won't forgive myself for that.
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