October 11th, 2004


This morning I woke up, and the world was short one more hero

As others on my friends list have posted, Christopher Reeve is dead. Heart failure.

So, the world is now short one hero, and at a time when we really need one.

I admit, though, that my first thought was, "Damn, what's Smallville going to do now?"

I have a question for discussion, later today. But that can wait. On a side note, I think Friday's debate was a draw, honestly. I see most people here thought Kerry won, but I suspect that these debates are subject to your desires, too. If you want Kerry to win, you're going to hear things that says he does. Of course, I was amused that NBC pointed out scads of flaws with Bush's numbers. . . And damnitall! Kerry forgot Poland again! How can you lead a nation if you forget our vital ally Poland!

I've been awake since 3:30 this morning, and at work since 6:30. I was feeling productive. I have a lot to get done before I head out to Walking With Fire. More importantly, I have to email a couple of people to set my schedule to get out there.

Though everyone else and their mother seems to have received their copy of Oak Leaves, mine has still not arrived. I hope it does before the conference, because I'd really like to show beautycorrosion what her handiwork looks like in its final form.

Comments from everyone I've spoken to are extremely positive, though. I even saw that one of my articles already started a debate on ADF-Druidry, which is amusing.

I've never seen an OL article get discussed before.

Bright futures :)

Universal Light Expo. . .

I have to say, I've never been so underwhelmed as I was at the Universal Light Expo.

For all the things I heard about it, I'm kind of glad that I never wasted the $8 entrance fee before this year, as I didn't find a single thing of interest to purchase, nor did I find a single workshop that interested me. I almost tried to chat up Ray Buckland, but decided against it as I figured I'd probably look like some crazed fan-boy, which I'm not, having never read any of his books.

The thing always sounded fluffy and white-lightish, and that's exactly what it was. *sighs* It was very, very disappointing, and I honestly wouldn't recommend that anyone go to it. In fact, I'd probably recommend against it.

I was bored out of my skull at most of the booths. The only two that held any interest were the _midnightmuse_ booth (where we briefly discussed which of the paintings were art and which were not and Tina told me I should flirt later) and the Mystic Forest Treasures booth, where I talked for a bit with the owner.

There was an upside, though. I got to see a couple of people, such as ray716, duriyah, and _midnightmuse_, plus a few others without LJ accounts.

btw, I'm working on finding out about that sigil marking.
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