November 2nd, 2004


Get out and vote, if you're old enough to die for your country.

I woke up this morning feeling quite good. I knew exactly what today was: my own chance to change the world. Voting is better magic than any number of stupid spells or sloppy marketing. Voting proves you love your country, and it proves that you have control over your reality.

My polling place is the gymnasium of the local elementary school. Most election days (actually, every election day that I've been there for), I shuffle up to the little old ladies behind the table, smile, show my ID, and sign the paper. I vote, and I'm out in 5 minutes.

This morning, with a desire to be on time to work and expecting a short line, I woke up and got to the polling place at 6:40 AM. What I saw was shocking.

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Get out and vote.